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Eurisko Gaming adopts Oculus Rift

Jan 2014

Eurisko Gaming started developing games for the revolutionary virtual reality display, Oculus Rift.

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Eurisko Gaming adopts Leap Motion

Jun 2013

Part of its innovation-centric strategy, Eurisko Gaming is developing a set of Leap Motion-enabled games prior to the release of the long-awaited revolutionary device.

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"The things we create are enjoyed by millions. We create worlds. We evoke emotions"


We Develop Customized
Multi-platform Games

Our experienced team ensures each game has 3 main ingredients: proper monetization, addictive game theory and social features. We believe those are the main components of every successful game. By adopting the latest trends in game development, we provide consumers with an enjoyable user experience while providing optimal techniques for monetization and efficient user engagement.

We create super
awesome mobile games

Multi-platform. Our games can be published on a large set of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows 8/Windows Phone, MAC, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and all major Web browsers.

High Quality. We can seamlessly include explosions, fireworks, fine-tuned sound FX, gorgeous lighting etc.., wrapped up with smooth performance to create an evocative dynamic game to enthrall players on any platform.

Performance. All our game assets are optimized to run smoothly on mobile devices and tablets with limited CPU/GPU/memory resources.

2D/3D. We develop both 2D and 3D games using top-notch platforms. Our graphic design & animation teams ensure all graphics & animations perfectly align with the look-and-feel specified by the client.

Multiplayer. In order to enhance user experience and boost competition among users, all games can be powered by an online multi-player engine and an online leaderboard.

Social. To increase user engagement, all games can have social features including sharing on Facebook/Twitter/Google+, posting scores and custom messages, inviting friends and collecting coins/rewards.

"We stand at the confluence of art and technology and get to express ourselves through a creative medium that is evolving more quickly than any other in history"



Our experienced team can assist brands in figuring out optimal game ideas and implementing all aspects including game theory, art production, user engagement and monetization

  • Multi-platform Development

    Using industry-standard scripting and cutting-edge gaming frameworks

Game Development

  • User-friendly Interface

    Built based on target-specific HCI (Human Computer Interaction) techniques

Graphic Design

  • 2D/3D Asset Creation

    Using top-notch modeling & animation techniques and optimization best practices

Modeling & Animation



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