Project Description


We combined the latest trends in Virtual Reality, Gamification of Things and enterprise-level content management in one Innovation Technology product: a VR-enabled branch in space. By building a highly optimized 3D space environment combined with virtual touristic tours and test drive of car models, we produced a highly engaging dynamic VR product.


Our main strategy while to combine the best-of-breed in Virtual Reality, 3D modeling & animation & dynamic back-end capabilities to deliver an innovative enterprise-level product that meets the bank’s expectations.


Our creative team collaborated with back-end team to visualize dynamic content in a funny interactive way while reflecting the enterprise image of the banks. We optimized all models, transitions & animations in order to provide a realistic, yet comforable Virtual experience, especially that the target audience spanned among multiple age groups.


Main Features

Being the first of its kind in the region, Bank Audi’s VR Space Branch had a lot of unique features

Bank Audi VR Branch Footer