Project Description


Embracing in a world full of games that are being released everyday is a tough challenge for every game developer at this time. Within 1 year of the start of the project, 5 games of the same type were released while we were in the developing stage of the game which made it more challenging to stand out of the crowd. We aimed at achieving a higher step in creating high fidelity visuals while running optimal on low end devices. Furthermore, we aimed to establish the roots of game development in the eurisko gaming team.


At first, the team conducted very informative researches on two aspects. The first was about the game type and how to approach users in order for them to enjoy the game, and the second was about technical approaches toward this type of game and the best strategies to apply them practically. Once we established the above, we’ve worked on creating a structure that can be manipulated easily in the future in case market changes by the time we release the app and we need to add new game features to cope with these changes. We’ve managed to deliver the game with all of its said features in time to start competing with games of the same genre.


First of all, we have dissected the project into technical parts and gave each part to a team member to master it and deliver the most out of it. Secondly, our main concern was cutting-edge game design & intuitive gaming experience.


Main Features

Here are some of the features that made Desert Sultans highly entertaining & engaging