Project Description


Saudi Aramco wanted to come up with an energy awareness campaign, targeting the majority of the Saudi population and especially kids. The main challenge was not only to find the proper way to address kids educationally, but to create a concept that will keep the players engaged. Eurisko Mobility was selected to apply its expertise in game conceptualization, design and development


Eurisko Mobility believes games can change the way people think and behave, that’s why we came up with an educational action-adventure game that promotes energy conservation and educates players about the benefits of using various energy resources. Tackling six main energy conservation topics, players faced every-day situations, met superhero ENERGO and helped him with his quest against the energy-wasting villains


Our gaming team started setting up the elements needed for our game, from theme to story, characters, plot, tension, conflicts and finally resolution and rewards. Everything was compiled to form a highly engaging 2.5D mobile game on iOS and Android


Main Features

Here are some of Energo’s multi-game platform features