We cover the complete Game Design lifecycle using the latest gaming trends & best practices on mobile, web and gaming consoles

Our services cover all aspects of cutting-edge User Experience / User Interface Game Design:

  • Intensive market research
  • Creative storytelling
  • Prototyping on multiple platforms
  • Gameplay scripting
  • 2D & 3D asset design
  • State-of-the-art aesthetics
  • Usability testing for optimal gaming experience
  • Continuous support & maintenance
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2D & 3D Game Development in Lebanon, Dubai, Saudi Arabia

We develop single player & multi-player, online & offline, 2D & 3D multi-platform games using Unity3D, the world’s leading game engine

Our end-to-end game development service supports the following platforms:

  • iPhone & Android smartphones
  • iPad & Android tablets
  • Responsive Web
  • All major VR & AR headsets
  • Windows, macOS & Linux desktops & laptops
  • Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, tvOS
  • Facebook Gameroom
  • Playstation, Xbox & Wii consoles
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Multi-platform Game Development on iOS, Android, Web & other consoles

We develop Augmented Reality games & apps using smartphone camera, Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap & more

We develop multiple types of Augmented Reality games & apps including:

  • Projection-based AR
  • Recognition-based AR
  • Location-based AR using GPS, compass & accelerometer
  • Outlining AR
  • Superimposition AR
  • Dynamic AR apps & games powered by smart back-end engines
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Augmented Reality Development in Lebanon, Dubai, Saudi Arabia

We develop high-definition connected Virtual Reality games & apps on all leading VR platforms & headsets

We develop a wide array of Virtual Reality applications including:

  • Immersive Systems
  • Telepresence
  • Window on World
  • Mixed Reality
  • Real-time Cyberspaces
  • Smart Games powered by analytical back-end modules
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Virtual Reality Development in Lebanon, Dubai, Saudi Arabia

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